Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Locked out of our own house!

Sunday evening we were going to move the hardwoods so that we could get right to work on Monday morning. Well, when we got there Sunday we weren't able to get into our own house! What a strange feeling. We have a electronic, coded deadbolt on our door. It has been super duper handy to give the code to company and they can come and let themselves in if we are not home. Well, the electronics were working - we'd put the code in and it indicated that we entered the right code - but when we turned the knob it wasn't registering to unlatch the deadbolt. And the keys to this deadbolt were locked in the garage in the safe! We walked around our whole house and tried every window and they were all locked. We tried to break in through the sliding glass door but that didn't work either!!! We finally gave up and Monday morning Dennis got in by using a sawzall to get the deadbolt off and we now have a brand new one! We've been told by several people that homeownership is expensive and they weren't kidding! :) We were super glad that our beds are still in Sherwood so that we had somewhere to sleep for the night! I wonder what will happen next.

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