Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting things put in their place

We were fortunate to have company come to stay with us right after we moved in - it forced us to unpack in a hurry and get our house set up. Of course not everything is unpacked quite yet. Hopefully soon we'll get everything unpacked fairly soon. 

The "purple room" or "cat free room" We painted the floors in the bedrooms for now until we put carpets in the bedrooms.

We had 3 mattresses, chess board table, dresser and corner shelf in this room at the time of this picture

The "guest room." (We were going to paint these floors green but we weren't able to get the paint during a recent sale. So, it remains a light yellow. This room had tons of boxes and stuff!

More boxes and mess!

The desk is set up - progress!!!

There's actually a bed in the room now! Troy can stay here Sunday night!

Some boxes in the closet of the guest room

Dennis hiding - even though we were exhausted we were still having fun

The purple room. That dresser is now in our bedroom and of course the mattress is on the bed! Please come visit!

First supper company (after living in the house)

Friday night (2 days after moving) we invited John and Janet for supper. We also had our first bon fire that night! We are loving our fire pit! And my parents so willingly offered to come over and help us unpack so that we could get ready for Troy and Lyle to come starting Sunday night! To throw in another kink in our plans I happened to find a fridge on craigslist on Friday that I liked and wanted. We drove all the way to Washougal Washington and bought the fridge! I am so happy with it! John helped us move the fridge into the pickup and our house! Thanks again John! 

Dennis BBQing kabobs

Our first bon fire

Dennis enjoying the fire

Now Dennis and dad enjoying the fire

Our new fridge!

It fits in the spot! We love having a french door fridge with freezer on the bottom! 

Moving day pictures!

We moved on Wednesday July 4th. It was a great day to move and we had wonderful help. We moved in an hour and 45 minutes (minus the attic and shop contents). We were able to sleep in our new home that night! Here are a few pics of our move!

Part of our moving crew: Kenny, Chad, Marvin, Dane, Brandon

Moving a bed frame inside. Brandon is the man! 

A sneak peak of how our living room is arranged

Muscles that brought the piano in

A very mess house in the process of moving and unpacking the kitchen

See where we put our couch and piano? 

Hardwood pictures!

Finally I have access to internet! I am using the internet at the house where I babysit. Even better news is that we should get internet at our house on Tuesday of next week! It'll be amazing having internet again! So here are some pics for now. I realize that I need to take some more pictures of our house (possibly after all our boxes are unpacked) to show where we put our furniture. Putting in hardwood floors were a ton of work. There were many hours spent with brows glistening and extremely sore backs. But all of that hard work, long hours and sore muscles were so worth it. Both Dennis and I are so happy with how our floors turned out. They are gorgeous! Please come and visit us and pick out your favorite board! Happy looking at hardwood floor pictures! :)

Standing in the hallway looking into the living room 

Standing in living room looking towards front door and kitchen

Standing in front doorway looking towards living room

The whole living room

The hallway and laundry closet

The hallway that leads to bedrooms and bathroom.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

still no internet

Unfortunately we still don't have internet at our house. Actually, in some ways it's quite lovely although doing the necessary internet-type-things on our phones are getting quite cumbersome! 

We got most of the way moved in on Wednesday, July 4th and the 5th I went back to Dale & Kari's to clean it. That day, I also learned that Troy and Lyle were planning on staying with us that weekend! So, Friday (the 6th) I got the kitchen stuff put away and Saturday mom, dad, Dennis and I worked really hard and got our house most of the way unpacked! We got both our guest beds set up and doors on the bedrooms. The guest toilet got put back into it's spot and a shower curtain got hung. Those were some busy preparation days but we are thankfully almost all the way unpacked! And as of Saturday, July 14th all of our stuff junk is out of the attic and shop at Dale & Kari's! Wahoo for more unpacking and sorting to be done! :)

Saturday, July 14th I co-hosted a baby shower for Julia Benjamin. There were about 26 ladies that showed up and we played lots of games! We played the question answer game (you read your question and the person next to you reads their answers), poopy diaper and tasting baby food game. It was quite a full day but oh so fun! 

Later that evening, Julia treated me to a pedicure - and now I have bright green toenails! They are so fun looking! 

For a couple of weeks now I have really been missing my TX friends. I am hoping to come visit soon ... I just have to plan when! 

When we have internet, I'll update my blog with pics!

Monday, July 9, 2012

No Internet yet

We don't yet have Internet at our house. It's been nice not getting sucked into 'oh I have just one more thing to look up' however made me realize how much I do rely on the Internet. We do both have our 'smart phines' which can do just about everything - only on a way smaller screen. We're mostly unpacked, with a huge thanks to my mom and dad. They came this past weekend and helped us! We already have company stating with us, which is really nice. There's more boxes of stuff in our bedroom that I'm going to get emptied today. We both are enjoying our new home so much. I think it's be ause it belongs to us. We are looking forward to having our house warming party (maybe in August or September). It's amazing what can be done with 200 more sq feet and a different layout than our previous residence. Hope you are all well, I'll update with pics once we get Internet again :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Moving Day!!!!

The time has finally arrived! We are moving into our first purchased home! You might ask are we all packed? Nope, not yet ... but Jenny Waldo - you know how I like to procrastinate and get easily distracted so here's your blog update! :) 

We have people scheduled to come here at 10 this morning to help us move. Most everything is packed - there is still some stuff left in the pantry and the last minute stuff.

We chose today to be our moving day because one week ago we finished our floors. They look amazing! 

Oh no, my first person to help is here - I will update more later! :)

Jenny - remember 3 years ago on that one hot weekend when you and Don helped us move into this Sherwood house? :) 

More later ... :)