Thursday, July 26, 2012

Getting things put in their place

We were fortunate to have company come to stay with us right after we moved in - it forced us to unpack in a hurry and get our house set up. Of course not everything is unpacked quite yet. Hopefully soon we'll get everything unpacked fairly soon. 

The "purple room" or "cat free room" We painted the floors in the bedrooms for now until we put carpets in the bedrooms.

We had 3 mattresses, chess board table, dresser and corner shelf in this room at the time of this picture

The "guest room." (We were going to paint these floors green but we weren't able to get the paint during a recent sale. So, it remains a light yellow. This room had tons of boxes and stuff!

More boxes and mess!

The desk is set up - progress!!!

There's actually a bed in the room now! Troy can stay here Sunday night!

Some boxes in the closet of the guest room

Dennis hiding - even though we were exhausted we were still having fun

The purple room. That dresser is now in our bedroom and of course the mattress is on the bed! Please come visit!

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