Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hardwood pictures!

Finally I have access to internet! I am using the internet at the house where I babysit. Even better news is that we should get internet at our house on Tuesday of next week! It'll be amazing having internet again! So here are some pics for now. I realize that I need to take some more pictures of our house (possibly after all our boxes are unpacked) to show where we put our furniture. Putting in hardwood floors were a ton of work. There were many hours spent with brows glistening and extremely sore backs. But all of that hard work, long hours and sore muscles were so worth it. Both Dennis and I are so happy with how our floors turned out. They are gorgeous! Please come and visit us and pick out your favorite board! Happy looking at hardwood floor pictures! :)

Standing in the hallway looking into the living room 

Standing in living room looking towards front door and kitchen

Standing in front doorway looking towards living room

The whole living room

The hallway and laundry closet

The hallway that leads to bedrooms and bathroom.

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