Monday, July 9, 2012

No Internet yet

We don't yet have Internet at our house. It's been nice not getting sucked into 'oh I have just one more thing to look up' however made me realize how much I do rely on the Internet. We do both have our 'smart phines' which can do just about everything - only on a way smaller screen. We're mostly unpacked, with a huge thanks to my mom and dad. They came this past weekend and helped us! We already have company stating with us, which is really nice. There's more boxes of stuff in our bedroom that I'm going to get emptied today. We both are enjoying our new home so much. I think it's be ause it belongs to us. We are looking forward to having our house warming party (maybe in August or September). It's amazing what can be done with 200 more sq feet and a different layout than our previous residence. Hope you are all well, I'll update with pics once we get Internet again :)

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