Tuesday, July 17, 2012

still no internet

Unfortunately we still don't have internet at our house. Actually, in some ways it's quite lovely although doing the necessary internet-type-things on our phones are getting quite cumbersome! 

We got most of the way moved in on Wednesday, July 4th and the 5th I went back to Dale & Kari's to clean it. That day, I also learned that Troy and Lyle were planning on staying with us that weekend! So, Friday (the 6th) I got the kitchen stuff put away and Saturday mom, dad, Dennis and I worked really hard and got our house most of the way unpacked! We got both our guest beds set up and doors on the bedrooms. The guest toilet got put back into it's spot and a shower curtain got hung. Those were some busy preparation days but we are thankfully almost all the way unpacked! And as of Saturday, July 14th all of our stuff junk is out of the attic and shop at Dale & Kari's! Wahoo for more unpacking and sorting to be done! :)

Saturday, July 14th I co-hosted a baby shower for Julia Benjamin. There were about 26 ladies that showed up and we played lots of games! We played the question answer game (you read your question and the person next to you reads their answers), poopy diaper and tasting baby food game. It was quite a full day but oh so fun! 

Later that evening, Julia treated me to a pedicure - and now I have bright green toenails! They are so fun looking! 

For a couple of weeks now I have really been missing my TX friends. I am hoping to come visit soon ... I just have to plan when! 

When we have internet, I'll update my blog with pics!

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