Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting ready for housewarming party

Our home has been quite active these past couple of weeks. Theres lots of work happening on projects that we're hoping to get done before our housewarming party! I probably shouldn't tell what's been happening today - however Dennis has been quite busy and doing a mighty fine job! That dear young man woke up yesterday morning at 4 to do something that early so that it would be ready for him to work on all day today. I'm not sure how far he'll get until he runs out of steam - but I'm sure that tomorrow will be taken up with working on this project too.

As for my projects - they seem to be cleaning and clearing clutter .... and I have not gotten very far today. Hopefully I'll get some umph back really soon and can work hard and fast to get as much accomplished as my dear husband.

I did find an elephant purse today (well a purse that has elephants on it) and I am quite pleased with it! I do like elephants!

Looking forward to seeing some on Saturday at our housewarming party - please come! If you did not get an invite and would like one, let me know.

Friday, September 21, 2012

New job!

I got a new job! This is all happening so very fast - and I am really excited! A couple of weeks ago I checked craigslist and it seemed there were lots of office type jobs available that I would be qualified for. I have been applying for jobs since January and have been to one interview and have not been offered a job. Tuesday (the 11th) I got a call from a temp agency that they liked my resume and needed me to come into their office to interview. I did that day and I didn't hear anything for the next 3 days. (The recruiter was out sick). Monday the 17th she called me telling me that the company I applied to (through the temp agency) wanted to interview me. I interviewed Wednesday afternoon. I've been told I was the first one to interview. The temp agency sent over four other resumes - but I was the only one that the company wanted to meet with. Today, Friday, I received a call from the temp agency letting me know that Williams Controls wants to offer me a position. I START MONDAY! MONDAY?????? Wait ... I have too much to do to start work on Monday. We have the housewarming party next Saturday ... and my house has to be spotless and I want to have salads and cookies made for the party ... MONDAY?

It'll be awesome working again and helping to contribute to the household income again. We've already talked about where our money will go (paying off debt and savings first of course). We are both excited and I am nervous. I went into this whole process with the attitude that if it's meant to be it'll happen. We were considering me starting a daycare but that just doesn't seem to be what I should be doing right now - so I'll be the Receptionist at Williams Controls! I'll try to check in next week and let all my faithful readers know how my first week is going.

I. Am. So. Happy. I. Went. Back. To. Bed. This. Morning. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Julia's baby shower!

Julia's mom Cindy and I put on a baby shower for Julia. It was a really fun time and crazy too. We played some games and ate really good food and read some books. Here's some pictures of the good times had by all. And now, Julia is 39 weeks pregnant and we're anxious to learn when their baby arrives and what her name is! 

Decorations for the baby shower. I made the fabric pennant banner and had so much fun making it and stringing it up all around the room!

Banner up close

The ladies were teasing me about having the skittles color coordinated in the glasses. I think they look pretty this way.

A tray full of berries

Preggo Julia

Her reaction to when she saw the cupcakes

The super duper cute cupcakes Cindy ordered

Closer view of the cupcakes

Julia got a lot of reactions like this - super cute and lots of people excited for  her

'Decorate a onsie'

Andrea - LOVE your face on this! You are adorable

"Rick, WHAT did you feed our baby?"

Ha ha ha ha ha

Julia's presents. 

We had a wonderful day!

Projects, Projects, Projects - it's whats on my mind

First of all I have to make a huge shout out to this guy pictured below. I realize more and more the longer we are together how extremely lucky I am to have him! He works full time and then when he gets home from work, he works on projects around our house. When we were renting there was lots of sitting around time - but not anymore. Dennis has been so busy that sometimes I wonder how he does it and when he'll start wearing out.

He has an ongoing list on the front door and works on at least one project a night. Last night he put a dimmer light switch in the master bathroom and added a timer to the fan. Then he added a shelf for his work basket in the front entry coat closet! Yay! No more basket of his work stuff all over the floor or cluttering up my home. Next he's going to add an outlet and put his boot warmer in the closet too. He's added a power strip in the garage over where his work bench is. He's fixed our dripping outside hoses, he's increased the water pressure (that is amazing to have done), he's added a handle onto the crawl space access, he did the touch up painting ... I'm sure the list goes on and on. 

For his recent birthday I got him a caliper for his birthday. He wants to eventually reload his own ammo so apparently the caliper is for that. Cousin Dale helped me with where to go and what to get - thanks again Dale! Then, I told him that I would take him shooting for another present. So, Saturday, Dennis, his friend John and I went shooting. It's not the funnest thing in the world for me - but it makes him happy when I go. And, when I can shoot what I am aiming for it makes me happy too! Maybe I should post some pics of that day. 

It's incredible to be married to such a wonderful man - I am so lucky! :) 

Where did the summer go?

At the beginning of this summer (or maybe even last winter/spring) I had all sorts of plans, ideas, hopes and wishes for this summer. I think they mainly included spending time visiting family, sun bathing, spending days on the beach, sun bathing, babysitting, sun bathing, getting our new home organized ... did I mention sun bathing? And not just laying in the sun for hours a day - days on end sun bathing - just spending a couple of minutes each day out in the sunshine, to get a nice golden glow and dark flip flop tan lines on my feet! So what happened? That is a very good question. Let's see ... 

May 24th we closed on our house and got the keys!
The next 5 weeks were spent working on the house. Really - only 5 weeks? WOW! Looking back on all that we did I am so incredibly super impressed that we were done in 5 weeks with tearing out carpets/flooring, painting the entire interior (well minus the ceiling and master bath) and laying hardwood floors, installing a fridge and range stove, moving and getting our house all organized.

July 4th was moving day. We had lots of help and I think I posted about moving. July 5th, I was cleaning our rental house and was notified that we were going to have company that weekend! So, we unpacked like mad men/women and had company! 

After that, we've been working on projects, getting things organized and gone through. When my house is really clean again I will post pictures of everything in it's space. Hopefully that'll happen soon. For now, I am going to write another post and then take care of laundry, dishes and supper.