Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting ready for housewarming party

Our home has been quite active these past couple of weeks. Theres lots of work happening on projects that we're hoping to get done before our housewarming party! I probably shouldn't tell what's been happening today - however Dennis has been quite busy and doing a mighty fine job! That dear young man woke up yesterday morning at 4 to do something that early so that it would be ready for him to work on all day today. I'm not sure how far he'll get until he runs out of steam - but I'm sure that tomorrow will be taken up with working on this project too.

As for my projects - they seem to be cleaning and clearing clutter .... and I have not gotten very far today. Hopefully I'll get some umph back really soon and can work hard and fast to get as much accomplished as my dear husband.

I did find an elephant purse today (well a purse that has elephants on it) and I am quite pleased with it! I do like elephants!

Looking forward to seeing some on Saturday at our housewarming party - please come! If you did not get an invite and would like one, let me know.

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