Monday, September 10, 2012

Julia's baby shower!

Julia's mom Cindy and I put on a baby shower for Julia. It was a really fun time and crazy too. We played some games and ate really good food and read some books. Here's some pictures of the good times had by all. And now, Julia is 39 weeks pregnant and we're anxious to learn when their baby arrives and what her name is! 

Decorations for the baby shower. I made the fabric pennant banner and had so much fun making it and stringing it up all around the room!

Banner up close

The ladies were teasing me about having the skittles color coordinated in the glasses. I think they look pretty this way.

A tray full of berries

Preggo Julia

Her reaction to when she saw the cupcakes

The super duper cute cupcakes Cindy ordered

Closer view of the cupcakes

Julia got a lot of reactions like this - super cute and lots of people excited for  her

'Decorate a onsie'

Andrea - LOVE your face on this! You are adorable

"Rick, WHAT did you feed our baby?"

Ha ha ha ha ha

Julia's presents. 

We had a wonderful day!

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