Friday, September 21, 2012

New job!

I got a new job! This is all happening so very fast - and I am really excited! A couple of weeks ago I checked craigslist and it seemed there were lots of office type jobs available that I would be qualified for. I have been applying for jobs since January and have been to one interview and have not been offered a job. Tuesday (the 11th) I got a call from a temp agency that they liked my resume and needed me to come into their office to interview. I did that day and I didn't hear anything for the next 3 days. (The recruiter was out sick). Monday the 17th she called me telling me that the company I applied to (through the temp agency) wanted to interview me. I interviewed Wednesday afternoon. I've been told I was the first one to interview. The temp agency sent over four other resumes - but I was the only one that the company wanted to meet with. Today, Friday, I received a call from the temp agency letting me know that Williams Controls wants to offer me a position. I START MONDAY! MONDAY?????? Wait ... I have too much to do to start work on Monday. We have the housewarming party next Saturday ... and my house has to be spotless and I want to have salads and cookies made for the party ... MONDAY?

It'll be awesome working again and helping to contribute to the household income again. We've already talked about where our money will go (paying off debt and savings first of course). We are both excited and I am nervous. I went into this whole process with the attitude that if it's meant to be it'll happen. We were considering me starting a daycare but that just doesn't seem to be what I should be doing right now - so I'll be the Receptionist at Williams Controls! I'll try to check in next week and let all my faithful readers know how my first week is going.

I. Am. So. Happy. I. Went. Back. To. Bed. This. Morning. 

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  1. YAY!! I'm so happy for you! That is great! Congrats on the housewarming. I heard from Teresa the day they were coming over to it. Hope you like this new job.. I WILL stay with you some time! :-)