Monday, September 10, 2012

Where did the summer go?

At the beginning of this summer (or maybe even last winter/spring) I had all sorts of plans, ideas, hopes and wishes for this summer. I think they mainly included spending time visiting family, sun bathing, spending days on the beach, sun bathing, babysitting, sun bathing, getting our new home organized ... did I mention sun bathing? And not just laying in the sun for hours a day - days on end sun bathing - just spending a couple of minutes each day out in the sunshine, to get a nice golden glow and dark flip flop tan lines on my feet! So what happened? That is a very good question. Let's see ... 

May 24th we closed on our house and got the keys!
The next 5 weeks were spent working on the house. Really - only 5 weeks? WOW! Looking back on all that we did I am so incredibly super impressed that we were done in 5 weeks with tearing out carpets/flooring, painting the entire interior (well minus the ceiling and master bath) and laying hardwood floors, installing a fridge and range stove, moving and getting our house all organized.

July 4th was moving day. We had lots of help and I think I posted about moving. July 5th, I was cleaning our rental house and was notified that we were going to have company that weekend! So, we unpacked like mad men/women and had company! 

After that, we've been working on projects, getting things organized and gone through. When my house is really clean again I will post pictures of everything in it's space. Hopefully that'll happen soon. For now, I am going to write another post and then take care of laundry, dishes and supper.

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