Saturday, October 20, 2012

Post Housewarming Party

We had a wonderful day at our housewarming party. I counted after it was over and we had around 80 people come through our house! It meant a lot to Dennis and I to have that many people come see our house. After it was over, we were both pretty exhausted! I had stayed up until 2 the night before and then got up at 7 the day of. Dennis had gotten a couple hours more sleep that night. It felt crazy though - we would be in the middle of giving a tour and the doorbell would ring again with more friends showing up. So, we would have to break away from our tour and then greet our new guests. My sweet grandparents, auntie and cousins came from 3 hours away. I felt bad that I didn't have more time to spend talking with them - and am so thankful they understood that I was busy that day. I handed my camera off to some kids so I'll try to post some of the better pics!

some kids playing outside

kids playing in the firepit (cousin Chloe and Evan)

more playing in the firepit

Sweet Lauren - who I used to babysit

Kitty laying on our new pretty duvet cover

Ollie getting attention from Patty

Nolan - who I used to babysit - miss this kid

proof that Dennis held a 6 week old baby

2 babies named Emmett

My handsome, hardworking, loving husband! He did so much to prepare for the housewarming party and I realize more each day/month/year how much more I love him - which is already a lot.