Monday, November 5, 2012

Molding Project

Dennis came up with a very good, no it was a wonderful idea for our home. Now, I know that I am being risky putting this out there on the blogging world, in case someone out there copies and trademarks OUR idea ... however I will show pictures of this project. We tore out all of the molding in our house when we tore up the flooring. We knew that we would want to add molding at a later date - and Dennis wanted to get it done before our housewarming party. He had a specific special thing in mind that he wanted to do especially for the hallway. He bought some molding, put on different colors of varnish and asked opinions of what people's favorite was - even Don & Jenny gave their input via skype - thanks guys! The decision was made and then the huge project of staining and varnishing it. He even got up at 4 am one Friday morning so that Saturday he could start installing it. Then the molding was cut and routed. Once the molding was installed in the living area of our home, Dennis got to work for the hallway molding. He cut holes in the molding 3 inches apart and put lights in the holes. He added outlets into the crawlspace and drilled holes in the floor. The string of the lights go down into the little holes and plug into the outlet and are controlled by a light switch ... I know that I'm rambling. So, basically the hallway molding has lights shining, which makes a wonderful nightlight for us and the company that we have. Please see below for pics ... and please don't copy our idea and trademark it and sell it to Home Depot and get rich ... 

The molding ready for varnish

See the different colors of molding?

Here is a sample piece with lights

Dennis taking a break with a fire - his favorite thing!

Molding in the hallway

Our house was really messy for a while - furniture pulled away from the walls

Another shot of the mess

Dennis installing molding behind the piano

Even molding in the kitchen!

Dennis getting ready to install the hallway molding

Putting the lights into the holes

Kitty hanging out, interested in what's going on

Dennis taking a break

Still big smiles!

The hallway lit up at night, isn't it pretty? :) 

We'll be taking custom orders here really soon - charging minimum of $2,000 for a hallway like ours. Stairways and more than a hallway will cost more money!

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