Tuesday, November 13, 2012

my Grandma

My dear sweet Grandma. I love her. A little over a week ago (11/3) her heart was racing so Grandpa called 9-11 and they took Grandma to the hospital. The report was not enough rest and too much coffee. (Apparently, one can have too much coffee). 3 days later on Tuesday, her heart was doing the same thing so they took her back to the hospital. At the hospital, they started to do some tests and saw that Grandma had some blockages in her heart. They were going to see if they could put stents in and call it good. After doing some tests they realized that stents wouldn't work with Grandma. So they planned on open heart surgery Friday 11/9 - however decided to wait until Monday 11/12. They scheduled a triple bypass and ended up doing a quadruple. The word that night (last night) was that everything went well and Grandma was out of surgery, recovering well. I went to bed, happy and satisfied and looking forward to the next time that I would see my grandma. Well, at 4:41 this morning, I awoke to my phone vibrating over and over again. I groggily opened my eyes and saw an incoming call from my dad. I didn't get the call in time, so he called again and he told me that things weren't looking good for Grandma and that they rushed her back into the OR. Her heart had stopped and at that time this morning, they weren't sure if Grandma would make it. Of course, I couldn't sleep after a phone call like that, so I stayed up, called mom, cried and thought of my sweet Grandma and my dear Grandpa that was beyond worried about "Mommy." I went to work, worked all day and waited by my phone for updates - and got them throughout the day. Grandma made it through her 2nd surgery - same surgeon for both surgeries! Thank you Mr. Surgeon for your dedication to helping others. As of tonight, we wont know anything for a couple of days - it will be a long recovery because of how long it's been thus far. Grandma is stable but still in critical condition. Grandma - I love you. I am sorry you've had to go through all of this. I cannot wait until I see you again - whether it be in this life or my spirit recognizes yours in the next life.  Grandpa - I admire your love for Grandma and your dedication to stay by her side through everything she is going through. I really appreciate your comment that "I may not understand everything that is happening or why, but God is in control and I want to be willing for His plan." Grandpa and Grandma - your love for one another has inspired me from the time I was young. I have never met another couple like you two and love your example. 63 years together - 62 years married - that is pretty much unheard of these days. I love you both probably more than you will ever know. 

My sweet Grandparents at their 60th wedding anniversary!  

Such love for each other after 60 years! I love this pic - they still know how to kiss!

Looking at their present a book from the family. This picture just reminds me of how they look at life - together and helping each other turn the pages. 

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  1. What a sweet tribute to a wonderful couple. Sending healing thoughts her way....