Wednesday, November 21, 2012

update on Grandma

My dear Grandma has been through so much. I don't really know where to continue from the last post that I wrote about Grandma. Tuesday morning they got her heart working again but had to keep her 'open' because of the swelling. She went back for surgery on Thursday to get 'closed' up. She wasn't talking and that was a concern but nurses were saying that she was exhausted. She still wasn't talking much Sunday morning so they did a CT scan but didn't find anything. Tuesday afternoon (11/20) she still wasn't talking a lot so they did another CT scan. The results came back empty again - they were looking to see if she had a stroke. Wednesday morning they had to drain liquid off from her lungs. She asked for Grandpa to be by her side Wednesday. I think all of the family members are worried about Grandma and wondering what all this means. I am so thankful that my dad is planning on being there with Grandpa Thanksgiving day and the day after. None of us know what this means or why this is happening to my dear Grandma - but we do know that it is in God's hands. Dear Grandpa and Grandma - I'm thinking of you two and love you so much!

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