Saturday, January 26, 2013


Dennis and I went to Texas to visit our very special friends for Christmas this year. We were there from Dec 22 - 31 and that time went way too fast! We had such a wonderful time, ate really good homemade food, had some amazing visits, played with some beautiful kids, met in sweet fellowship and saw San Antonio! We experienced Chick-Fil A for the first, second and third time! We had such a great time and really can't wait until we can see our dear friends again! 

(I seem to be having problems adding pictures. I'll add more later when it works better).

Ava receiving and trying on the Rapunzel hat I made for her. I think she likes it!

Super cute!

 Jaina Mae!

"Dennis, I want LOTS of ice cream"

Hanging out

Talking a walk at Pecan Grove

Adorable Ava

Dancing Ava

Dancing to the music!

Riverwalk San Antonio! Jenny had to carry Ava because she wasn't watching where she was going. We were all afraid she'd fall into the 4' river!

Back view of Ava being carried

Taking a break sitting down

Dennis and I

Ava in her Rapunzel hat

Playing with the braids

Close up shot

"Brrrr, It's cold outside!"

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