Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baby shower for Lenora

This Memorial Day weekend, Dennis and I headed to Boise to visit family and throw a baby shower for Lenora. (well, the baby shower part was in my department but Dennis did help with shower stuff)! :) It was a very busy 4 day weekend, but we both thoroughly enjoyed it and weren't ready to leave so soon.

Most of these pictures will be of the baby shower since the rest of the time, we were preparing for the shower! 

I am so excited to be meeting my baby niece in about 2 months from now!

The entry way leading into the house

"Baby" on the door

Large clothes line hung inside the house for more decorations

Dennis hung this line - it went from the kitchen to dining room and all the way into the living room!

First diaper cake I've made. It was fairly simple.

First "melon baby" I've made too. She turned out really cute! I will definitely be making another one for the next baby shower I host.

Playing games - tasting baby food - thanks for the idea Auntie Sue from Courtney's shower for Cooper!

And smelling "poopy" diapers! The Milky Way Midnight is the absolute best (or worse - whichever way you want to look at it) for filling a diaper!

I LOVE the look on the little girls face! She was so grossed out! :)

We then moved to the dining room where onsies were decorated.

Some of the finished projects

I think this is a baby in a crib with the teddy bear on the floor - artist Elizabeth.

A very nice, soft cuddly lamb for the baby to lay on as a gift

A quilt Jenny made for Lenora. Lenora likes the gold and yellow color in the quilt and the toile fabric - so Jenny did an excellent job in bringing in a little pink and making the quilt look eloquent!

Lenora asked me to make her baby a quiet book. This is the first page. Most of it is hand sewn - which takes quite a while! I am so pleased with the results!

"Let's Cook Breakfast" quiet book page. There's a burner - the knob turns with options of off, lo, med, or hi. There's a fry pan, 1 egg, 2 slices of bacon, 2 pancakes, 2 syrup and butter pads, 1 banana that peels, a cup of orange juice, fork, knife, spoon and napkin! Anyone hungry for breakfast?

There's not a picture with just Lenora so here she is in her 7th month of pregnancy!