Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flower garden!

When Dennis and I were in Boise over Memorial Day, my parents came to our house and completely revamped our front flower beds. We knew that they were going to work in our front yard - but I thought it would be them just plunking some flowers into the ground and calling that good. But, I should have known my mom better than that. They removed around 20 wheel barrel loads of clay dirt into the back yard and used a whole pickup bed full of mulch!!! I will post some before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure!

I couldn't find a picture of when all these weeds were gone, but when we got the keys to the house all the weeds were gone and either dried or it was just dirt ... 

There were bricks just haphazardly placed in the raised flower beds

Imagine just dirt ... no pretty green - just ugly brown (clay) dirt .....

Here is what we came home to. 

Wave Petuinas and bright green plants

The petunias and some other pretty plants

Another section of our yard - there's a rose bush and some other pretty bright green plants, some lobilia and a lilac bush, chives, thyme ....

More wave petunias, nasturshims, sweet box, poppys and an old rusty iron cat!

Flocks and a peony bush

Peony bush

The main middle section - so pretty! A month after everything was planted - it's all grown a lot!

I don't know what these are called but they are really pretty

All of the wave petunias. 

Black eyed susan

A red flower thing that mom and I bought at the Newberg High School plant sale

A bee collecting nectar from lavender

tomato plants! 2 of them! I am so excited to eat tomatoes here really soon!

The tomato plants have grown so huge!

The front of our house with the flowers

Massive amounts of wave petunias and awesomeness!

A close up of the petunias

So purple and so pretty

The middle section 

Poppy's. My mom told me that poppy's don't transplant well, even if out of the ground for 5 minutes. Mom transplanted these flowers from her yard and they all produced flowers - so beautiful!

a nastrurtium flower

standing on the front porch looking at the flower bed

a close up of a petunia

A side view of the yard

The amazing dappled willow tree mom and dad bought!

The different stages of tomatoes - the blossoms

A very small tomato forming

There's still part of the blossom on that tomato

Bigger tomatoes! Will anyone need tomatoes in a month or so? I know we'll have plenty!

Playing with my camera - such a pretty flower!

Thanks mom and dad! You went to so much work for our benefit. I feel that it is my duty to not let one single plant die - so I am faithfully watering my flowers every day and tending to them quite often! 

Please come over anytime and we can sit on the front porch bench, sipping coffee, iced tea, water or whatever and have a chat! I'd really like that! You're all invited!