Monday, August 5, 2013

Saisha Kate Jones

This past weekend, Dennis and I went to Boise to meet our new niece, Saisha. When I knew that Eric & Lenora were expecting a girl, I was excited. When we received the text message at 1:45 am announcing her arrival, then another text with a picture attached at 2:16 am - I knew I loved her. And when I got to see her and hold her for the first time - well, I cannot describe how much love I have for this little, tiny, helpless, adorable, precious niece of mine. Both Dennis and I were so enthralled by her ... it was so super hard to come home. I'll try to limit the pictures I post ... I took over 100! :)

Dennis and Saisha talking

She's so tiny in D's arms

Jon & Tamara came by for a visit

Yawn! All this attention is exhausting!

Cute newborn face

 Even Jon got to hold her!

My turn to talk with Saisha! 


Another cute newborn facial expression

Dennis holding Saisha on Sunday

Lloyd loves his grand-daughter!

Saisha's first family photo with everyone in the Lloyd & Jenny family there! Looking forward to more!

Saisha, I am looking forward to watching you grow. I am excited that you are in our family and sure hope that you have a love for ice cream, shopping, and talking to your Auntie Jen a lot! I love you so much already. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Already?

I simply cannot believe that it is August already. When I said that I hoped July would just fly by - I didn't mean for it to go as fast as it did. It seems like it was JUST 4th of July and now July is over! However, August is going to be full of time spent with some wonderful friends, fellowship and provide beautiful memories! I cannot wait! 

August 2-4 will find us in Boise, ID meeting, holding and spoiling our first niece. I am so excited to be an Auntie and even more excited to have a niece. I know I would have (and will) love nephews ... however I am looking forward already to girl talks, shopping trips, etc when beautiful Saisha gets older! 

August 9-11 will find us in Grants Pass, OR witnessing vows between two of our friends. I don't remember the last time we were at a wedding. It will be very nice and I am looking forward to a night in a hotel room!

August 16-18 will find us in Mt. Vernon, WA for a weekend of convention. It'll be nice to get back up to Milltown and see people up there, family included that we know. 

August 21st our wonderful friends Don, Jenny, Ava & Jaina will fly into Portland and we will get to see them again!!! It's been a while and we are both looking forward so much to seeing them! 

August 21-25 we'll be at Boring convention. And, Jenny's birthday is then too! We'll have fun celebrating!

Then August 29-Sept 3rd we'll have Don, Jenny, Ava & Jaina with us here in our house. They have never been INSIDE our house before, but they have gotten to peek in the windows. They moved before we got the keys!

During our time with them, I am planning on taking Ava to the Build-A-Bear workshop for her late birthday present from us. Jenny and I are planning on getting a pedicure, we'll have camp fires, smores, wonderful chats, laughs and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Between now and August 21st - I have several projects to work on - make some things / toys for Ava & Jaina that'll hopefully keep them somewhat occupied during meetings - make Jenny's birthday present - bake cookies (somehow that one has just slipped my mind for the past month) ... 

I'm sure that in September I will have loads of pictures to post on my blog - but I think for now, I am going to sign off until then. 

Happy August and hope yours is great - I know ours will be!