Monday, August 5, 2013

Saisha Kate Jones

This past weekend, Dennis and I went to Boise to meet our new niece, Saisha. When I knew that Eric & Lenora were expecting a girl, I was excited. When we received the text message at 1:45 am announcing her arrival, then another text with a picture attached at 2:16 am - I knew I loved her. And when I got to see her and hold her for the first time - well, I cannot describe how much love I have for this little, tiny, helpless, adorable, precious niece of mine. Both Dennis and I were so enthralled by her ... it was so super hard to come home. I'll try to limit the pictures I post ... I took over 100! :)

Dennis and Saisha talking

She's so tiny in D's arms

Jon & Tamara came by for a visit

Yawn! All this attention is exhausting!

Cute newborn face

 Even Jon got to hold her!

My turn to talk with Saisha! 


Another cute newborn facial expression

Dennis holding Saisha on Sunday

Lloyd loves his grand-daughter!

Saisha's first family photo with everyone in the Lloyd & Jenny family there! Looking forward to more!

Saisha, I am looking forward to watching you grow. I am excited that you are in our family and sure hope that you have a love for ice cream, shopping, and talking to your Auntie Jen a lot! I love you so much already. 

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  1. She's beautiful and blessed to be so loved.