Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brice and Danielle Cloyd's wedding!

Saturday, August 10th, Dennis and I headed to Grants Pass for Brice and Danielle Cloyd's wedding. We had a great time during our short time there. When we got into Grants Pass it was pouring rain so hard that we wanted to buy some rain gear at Wal Mart. We got absolutely soaked going from our car into the store! Once we returned to our car - I realized that I had forgotten to get some items so had to brave the rain again! We then went to dinner with some good friends and hurriedly got ready for the wedding. Their wedding was an evening one - and beautiful! The weather cleared up and it was really nice watching two exchange vows with one another. We spent the night in Grants Pass Saturday night and headed home on Sunday. It was a quick trip but very nice trip.

Brice the handsome groom

Danielle with her dad

Danielle looked radiant this day!

I think this was right after Danielle pointed at Brice and said "I can't wait to have kids with you." - a hilarious moment from their ceremony

Of course a picture of the kiss

The cake and cupcakes

The menu

Decorating their car - lots of balloons.

Brice & Danielle, it was awesome to witness your wedding day. We hope that your marriage is one full of love, laughter and good times. Even through the difficult times, remember back to this day and the love you had for each other.

A side note: I made their wedding presents. I had a lot of fun making these - anyone want to place a custom order?

Mr. and Mrs. Pillows

A close up of the Mr. and Mrs. pillows. I think that I need to make some for our bed!

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  1. Love the pillows! Weddings.... gotta love them!