Friday, September 13, 2013

Dennis' surprise birthday party

September 6th was Dennis' birthday and Don & Jenny came to stay so we could take them to the airport early Saturday morning. It just seemed to make sense to plan a surprise birthday party for Dennis. It was just the perfect size of a party for this year! Dave, Cheryl & Oscar Plews came - we sure missed you, Lucy. Also, Jodi, Colton and Sorren came - we're so happy they're back from their summer spent in AK. We missed them! Here are some pics of Dennis' birthday party, with a few pics (a couple of days earlier) of Dennis opening the present my parents got for him. We had such a great time with our friends! We also had a camp fire - but I didn't get any pics of that. Fun night!

Ava picked pretty flowers for me!

Posing with her flowers!

I love this picture because you can see that Ava was twirling her skirt as she was walking. She loves to twirl! 

Hi Justin! Justin, Jodi's husband was driving home from Alaska! 

There goes Jaina! 

Ava holding her hands like a princess! 

Colton, Ava & Sorren with Cheryl in the background

Don, Dave & Jenny

I think she has a future in singing. Maybe she'll be on The Voice or American Idol! Or, better yet, be a beautiful singer like her mama!

Jaina feeling Jenny's co-girl boots!

Jaina being busy

Bringing my sandals to me - or for her to try on - Jaina loves shoes!

She is so into everything and so funny 

Blurry hand - swinging the BBQ brush!

Hi Don!

Sorren looking to see what Ava is doing 

Ava & Sorren smiling!

Dennis, Jaina, Don & Colton in the background

"Chalking" on our fence

Dennis drew a heart for Ava

Even Jaina got in on the action

This one is super busy!


Ava & Sorren

Dave, Oscar, Cheryl, Dennis, Jaina, Jodi & Jenny 

Ava being a goof!

Dennis trying to get some air on his fire

Ava & Sorren again!

Happy 32nd birthday, my love.

Watching him blow out the candles - the group

Singing Happy Birthday!

He blew out all 2 candles!

Jaina wearing one of Ava's sandals - cute!

Dennis holding Jaina 

Jaina laying on the floor - maybe she was tired?

Dennis opening the gift from my parents

The girls want to help

Such good helpers!

Jaina is onto something else - this unwrapping business is boring!

A blower!

Dennis, Jodi & Sorren! 

Dennis laughing at a card

It was a really funny card ... Don was the one who picked it out. I almost posted it on here but ... I think I'll pass!

Ava & Cheryl

Jaina being busy again as usual! 

 Ava & Cheryl

Dennis opening gifts with Jaina supervising!

To everyone who came to celebrate Dennis' birthday party - thank you so much! We had such a great time. It was fun to surprise Dennis and have such good friends to come over too! 

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