Saturday, September 7, 2013

Don & Jenny's visit - convention

We are so happy that Don, Jenny & their adorable girls came to visit us. They flew in on August 21st and I picked them up from the airport. When Ava saw me, she ran with open arms, jumped into my arms and said very loudly "Jen, I missed you!!!" I think there were lots of smiles on faces around us. We drove out to Boring convention and were there for the rest of the week. Wonderful days there. Jenny's birthday was Sunday of convention so of course we had to have a little celebration! Here are some pictures from convention this year:

Jaina and her sweet, mischievous smile! 

I love this picture. It sort of shows Jaina's busy-ness. She is constantly moving. So many pictures that I took of her were blurry because of her constant movement. She certainly keeps those around her on their toes ...

Dennis holding Ava

Dennis holding Ava at Boring 2 years ago. She was 2 in this picture!

Ava is levitating! 

She's going higher!  

Happy 30th birthday, Jenny! So happy we could celebrate with you!

The small gathering for Jenny's party. 

Sweet Jaina again!

I love this picture of Ava. As you'll see in the next several pictures of her that I post, she is constantly posing. These sweet girls of our friends have brought us so much joy and laughter in the past couple of weeks. We are thankful for our wonderful friends! 

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