Thursday, September 12, 2013

Don & Jenny's visit our house!

 Thursday evening through Tuesday morning, Don, Jenny & girls stayed at our house. We had a wonderful time with them. Luckily for us, it was Labor Day weekend, so we had Monday off to spend with them too. We kept quite busy, Thursday evening Ava and I went to the park, we chatted, had a campfire and chatted some more. Friday evening we went to supper with them and some other friends and had another campfire. Saturday, we went to the air museum in McMinnville to see an IMAX show, to the market and then us girls went to the mall so I could get Ava her late birthday present. Sunday, we spent the day at Boring another wonderful day. Monday we hung out at home and Jenny & I got a pedicure! We had Pedginski's over for supper and then visited for most of the evening. We really enjoyed having our friends stay with us for a long time! 

Dennis and Ava being silly

Jaina wanted to be a part of the action

Taking time to stop and smell the roses on the way to the park

Ava loves to swing!

On the teeter totter


Top of the slide!


Popcorn at the Evergreen Aviation Museum - we watched Air Racers 3D!

Don explaining how this airplane works to Dennis

Dennis checking it out

Ava hanging on

Pretty airplane hanging from the ceiling

"Airplane!" Jaina loves airplanes and will point like this whenever she sees or hears one!

Shoulder ride!

Group pic!

Sweet family!

I like this pic!

At Build-A-Bear to get Ava's birthday present!

Making a wish on the satin heart

Warming up the heart

Ava is so excited!

Washing her bear!

Ava had to use every brush to properly wash her bear!

Getting her dressed in her Sleeping Beauty dress!

I think Ava loves her bear!


Filling out her birth certificate! Ava named her bear Olivia and her birthday is August 31st, 2013!

Ava loves Ollie! She would sit on the floor/ground next to him and say in such a cute voice, "Hi Ollie, You're so cute, yes you are!"

Ollie chasing a string!

Jaina had to try it too!

Ava and Ollie

Ollie likes Ava too!

Don bought a couple of airplanes from our neighbor!

We are storing these airplanes in our attic ... 

And hopefully they'll move back soon and Don will have 2 new airplanes to fly!

Making Ava's "strawburry" birthday cake!

Making the frosting with Mom Smith!

Ava put her name on her cake with "blueburries!"

Ava so excited about us singing to her!

Blowing out her candles! 

Ava watering the flowers!

Ava would talk to the flowers "Are you thirsty? Oh you poor thing!"

Pedginski's came over for supper! We made kabobs!

Stacie, Seth & me!

Dennis, Tom & Don

We had kabobs for supper!

Jaina sitting still for one second! Right after this she got up and was busily moving along!

Don & Jenny - thank you so much for coming to stay with us and the wonderful memories that we have from your trip here! 

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