Friday, September 13, 2013

Sad to see them go - early morning trip to airport

On Saturday we woke up really early and left our house at 6 to take Don & Jenny to the airport. Our friends let us borrow their mini-van so that we could all ride together and not have to take 2 vehicles! We might have to invest in a vehicle that holds 7 or more people for times like these! We had such a wonderful time with our friends. It is so hard to believe that one week ago our house was extremely lively ... Here are some pics of that day!

Such beautiful blue eyes! I am going to miss this mischievous, busy, silly little girl! Jaina, I hope we get to see you again real soon!

Don holding his girls

I think they were pretty tired ...

... so tired in fact that Ava didn't want to walk - but none of us had extra arms to carry her. So, she got the sweetest ride of all of us! She loved it too!

Me holding these gorgeous girls. I wonder if I'll be able to hold them both at the same time when we see them again

Dennis and Jaina Mae

Ava being goofy - doing the chicken dance or poking Jenny - whatever it was - this pic cracks me up!

I think Jaina is going to miss Dennis too!

We had a similar pic taken in TX before we left in January of last year. 

A little bit blurry - but our January picture holding the cuties!

This is a blurry pic but we stayed for a little while to watch them weave their way to security. On one turn back towards us, Jenny had tears in her eyes and pointed to Ava and said that Ava was crying. Ava told her mom, " Mom, I really miss Jen." So, yeah, that made me cry too! But, then Ava needed to use the bathroom - so she got out of line and she and I ran ... it certainly lightened the mood. Soon after that, Dennis and I left and went to breakfast. We are so grateful that we got to spend so much time with our friends. I wish that we didn't have work obligations, low vacation times, and expensive plane tickets, or many many many miles between us. But ... I am looking forward to the next time we get to see you - wherever it is! Please come again as soon as you can - and we'll try to do the same!

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