Monday, October 27, 2014

Heading home from San Diego

Dennis and I took 4 days to drive home from San Diego. I think neither of us were ready to leave the warm, sunny California weather and head back to the cold, gray, wintery rainy weather. We drove around in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, which was a lot of fun. Had we planned it better, it would have been great to walk down the main street of Hollywood but that didn't work out this time. We did drive until we found the famous 'Hollywood' sign and of course had to get pictures of it. We also got an room upgrade at Best Western which was a treat! We had a great trip and made it home in time to attend a New Years Eve party that evening! 

First glimpse into Hollywood!

Dolby Theatre

Anyone want to join me at Spa Luce in Hollywood?

Pretty! For some reason, though, Dennis didn't stop the car to let me shop! :)

So many cars and people!

Beverly Hills Hotel!

A pretty house that we saw. I like to imagine that it housed someone famous and that we got to drive past their house! I just wish I knew who lived there ... :)

A Maserati! We saw about 5 this day I think

Lots of traffic and palm trees too!

A wood pile Christmas tree

Lots and lots of people!


Not so sure that I would want to live in this house. I do wonder how sturdy it was built

A Bentley

After driving around for-EVER, we finally spotted the HOLLYWOOD sign!

Here is a better picture of it! :)

Of course we had to find IN-N-OUT before we headed out of Hollywood!

Ford Theatre

Universal Studios! Unfortunately we weren't able to go this time. Maybe next time! :)

So. Much. Traffic. We actually didn't make it too far this evening - traffic was so incredibly heavy!

We got our room upgraded at Best Western! 

Our last visit to IN-N-OUT burger! :(

Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour! We had a blast here! We shared The Golddigger and wished that we had room for more ice cream!

A fun mustache on the wall

Dennis with our ice cream

Me with our ice cream

One benefit about leaving at 4 am to head home - is the beautiful sunrise that we saw!

This is such a great pic!

HOME SWEET HOME! It felt sooo good to arrive home! :)

Anyone want to go with us on an investment? I figure that if we can get 123 people to go in on this - we'd all pay around $1,000 a month on the mortgage! Or, maybe I should find 246 people and then our mortgage would be around $500. I wonder what taxes are!

We had a great time in San Diego, downtown, with Nate & Emily and then on our way home! We are looking forward to the next time that we get to drive to see them! :)

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