Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A 'Jensen' girls weekend

I was lucky enough to be invited to a girls weekend with my mom, my two aunties (her sisters) and two of my cousins. I had a wonderful time and am so happy to have such wonderful family! 

Hanging out at the house, waiting to go shopping!

Of course I found an elephant to get my picture taken with!

Love this picture of us girls with umbrellas!

Visiting Grand Central Bakery while in Portland is a must. If you haven't already, I'd would highly suggest that you do!

My auntie Kim and sweet cousins Chloe and Sophie

Sophie was so proud of her purchase of these amazing high heeled boots!

Mom, Sophie and auntie Kim at lunch

Auntie Sue, Chloe and me at lunch!

Thanks again ladies, I had a very enjoyable time. Next time, we should take Chloe to Powell's book store and go to Salt n Straw ice cream! Also, we should give VooDoo donuts a try! :) 

7th Wedding Anniversary

For our 7th wedding anniversary, we headed to Lincoln City. We rented a condo that had a hot tub on the balcony facing the ocean. We had such a wonderful relaxing time. The views of the ocean were amazing and the weather was even warm on our anniversary. We enjoyed a nice walk on the beach. I believe that it was around 60 degrees and we did see blue sky for a short while. It was really fun to see the lights of fishing vessels on the horizon of the ocean - just as far away as our eye could see. Then, we used the binoculars and were able to make out details of the boats. We had a really nice time and are looking forward to the time that we can go back there again someday.

Winter snow of 2014

In early February, we had a major snow storm ... and I called into work saying that I couldn't make it in for the day! It was a really fun day, to watch the snow coming down all day long. Dennis did go to work that day, however it took him over 2 hours to get home that evening. The next day, which was Saturday, Dennis built himself a roaring fire in the backyard! It was fun to see so much snow here!