Monday, October 19, 2015

Celebrating Grandpa Smith's birthday

After Tamara's shower, we all headed to Emmett, ID for dinner and birthday cake in celebration of Grandpa Smith's birthday. It was a wonderful time! 

Tamara and Mandy

Emily, Nate and Jon in the background

Steve and Marlene have a beautiful place in the country

Their awesome farmhouse

My grandparents holding hands! They hold hands often - I hope Dennis and I hold hands when we get older too!

Some of Steve and Marlene's neighbors really wanted a kiss! 

Family pictures

For a while, I had wanted my family to get pictures before any of us kids had kids of our own. I think the main reason for this was to show that there was a time that no grandkids were present in the Mel Smith family. I've seen friends and family who Dennis and I used to hang out with our friends pre-kid and post-kid too. I honestly cannot remember what we did before our friends had kids. We were able to fit in a photo session with Kyla Sorenson while we were in Boise. I would highly recommend her as a photographer. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day.

No captions are needed on these photos! I have a wonderful family and my brothers and sister in laws are such good looking people! I am so lucky to have a family that cares for each other so much! I just wish that we could see each other more often ... work and time gets in the way. We'll need to have more pictures of the family taken to keep updated on the new member(s) being added! 

One very busy weekend in April 2014

There was this very special weekend in April of 2014. It was a weekend that every minute was filled and when the weekend was over, my heart was filled too. It started out as the weekend of Tamara's baby shower for my nephew. Mom and I were putting the shower on so I knew it would be amazing since mom is very good at decorations. Then Tamara sent the invitation list and sis-in-law Emily was on the list. To make a very long story short - the whole Mel Smith clan was in Boise for the weekend. We ended up having family pictures taken, went to brunch, celebrated Tamara at her shower and then celebrated Grandpa Smith's birthday at Steve and Marlene's house. Here are some pictures of Tamara's shower. I'll add pictures of the rest of the weekend in another blog post so this one won't be way too long! 

Tamara wanted to have a tea party for her baby shower. We were able to collect all of these wonderful tea cup sets for the shower. 

Here are some of the decorations that Mom and I made

These sewn circles were a lot of fun to make and made cute decorations!

Mom wrapped BABY in burlap - super simple and cute

The food table 

Tamara with the yummy food!

Here she is - and that baby bump is my nephew! 

Grandma Smith was able to make it to the shower - a special guest indeed.

Mandy, Tamara's sister from Wisconsin was able to make it out for Tamara's shower.

We Skyped with Tamara's mom so that she could be a part of the shower.

Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of Emily who traveled from San Diego to be at the shower.

Tamara made thank you favors to the guests of her shower. Coffee and tea! 

A close up of the coffee bags

And a close up of the tea

Another picture of Grandma

Tamara with some presents

The stack of presents - my nephew is well loved

And my sweet mom who did so much for this shower for Tamara. I would put another shower on with my mom again! I love this lady!