Monday, November 16, 2015

Grandma Smith turns 80

The day after I quit my office job, we headed to Seattle to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday party! There was quite a lot of people who came to wish her happy birthday and we had a fun time. 
Typical Smith gatherings - lots of chattering and happy hellos!  

The lead up to an awesome photo session of Grandpa, Grandma and their 8 kids! The posing, checking each others teeth, getting ready, fighting over who they do and don't want to stand by. Does sibling rivalry every go away?!? - Come on Uncle Steve, you need to get in the picture! 

The reach ... Grandpa's phone rang and he was reaching for it to answer it. Auntie Amy was trying to stop him ... was she successful? 

Nope! My grandma, aunts, uncles and dad laughing at Grandpa! 

Oh no! Now everyone has a phone call? 

Phew, finally! 

Bentley James!

Ellia and I have a thorn on our noses!

My Jensen grandparents came! How lucky am I - to be 35 and have both sets of grandparents living ... AND to see them all in the same day! 

Grandpa and Grandma Smith

Talking with Evie! My cousins sure make cute kids! 

We had a great day celebrating Grandma's birthday! It is awesome whenever my family gets together - it sure doesn't happen often enough! 

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