Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kaiden Joel Smith

Our handsome nephew, Kaiden Joel Smith, was born May 25, 2014. Dennis and I headed over to Boise the weekend after he was born to meet him. Of course, I loved him the moment I saw him and held in my arms. I told him about all of the fun things that he and I are going to do when he gets older, which include going to monster truck shows and football games together. Unfortunately there is not a picture of me holding Kaiden, but I know that I did hold him! He was such a handsome baby!

Dennis meeting Kaiden

Look at his cute face!

Jon and Tamara said his legs were frog legs! 

Jon, my younger brother, looking at his son! It has been incredible watching Jon be a dad. 

Kaiden going on his first walk with his parents and uncle Dennis and auntie Jen! 

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