Saturday, October 15, 2016

New career - Nanny job

I knew I made the right move by switching careers on the very first day of my new nanny job. Actually - it was within the first 2 hours that I was so thankful. I was pushing the 9 month old (Steffen) in his stroller, trying to get him to take a nap. It was an absolute beautiful, sunny, fall day - and I remember thinking "I cannot believe that I am getting paid for this job."

When I started working for this family, Mikey was 5 and in Kindergarten, Anika 3 and in preschool and Steffen 9 months and spent all day with me. When my time with this family ended, 2 years had passed and Mikey was 7, Anika 5 and Steffen 2.5. 

It was amazing being with this family and watching these kids grow. 

Mikey talks nonstop. (This is in present tense because this is still how he is). He has so much energy and is a know-it-all. He loves to talk about guns, zombies, swords, and pokemon cards and especially legos ... etc. He is a very well loved little boy - everyone at his school knows Mikey - from kids in his grade, to other parents, to the principal. Leaving the school with him - several people always told him good-bye. He is also a sensitive boy - and sometimes can get his feelings hurt - but then gets over it quickly. One day while Mikey and I were building legos - he said "So, you and Dennis don't have any kids?" I answered no and he said "Oh My Gosh - Jennifer, you have to have Dennis give you some seed right now!" When I said "uh, what????!!!!????" He replied with "some seed, you know like a seed you plant." It was pretty hilarious! 

Anika is a sweet, sassy little girl. She liked to hoard things and sneak things into her bedroom that didn't belong there. She also would sleep with her new boots, books, toys, etc. She and I sometimes had difficult times - but also some very sweet times. She tried to fire me one time - I wasn't playing according to her rules and so she went upstairs and asked her mom if I could be fired. But, a couple of hours later, she told me that I was the best nanny ever! One of my favorite things that Anika would say is: "I'm a milk monster, yes I'm are." She told me that her tiny foot hurt. 

Steffen - there is so much to say about him. When I started, he was crawling and when my job ended, he was talking up a storm. I got to see him get through all the fun developmental stages: crawling, walking, running, talking, understanding ... I had Steffen full time for my 2 years employed with this family, so I feel that he and I were the closest. He responded to my instructions very well.

Today - I actually got to watch these kids all day long and had so much fun! It was a bit chaotic most of the day - but I have missed them so much! I am thankful that their parents still use me when they need someone to watch their kids and I sure hope that we will keep in touch for years to come. These 3 kids certainly touched my life in ways that I can't being to describe and therefore still mean to much to me. 

(Phew - I thought that this post would be WAY longer than it is) Insert pat on the back for me! :) 

I'll post a couple of pictures. 

Mikey and Anika when I first started 

Baby Steffen
Steffen at 2 years old!

Mikey dressing up - ready to fight zombies

A very rare, very sweet moment between Anika and Steffen 

And this may be my very favorite of all times picture of these 3 kids - it was a extremely quiet car ride home from the zoo! Amazing! 

*Disclaimer - the car pictures were NOT taken while the car was in motion. 

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