Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Road trip to California

(Once again, I am going to try and update my blog - from 2 years ago) 

Dennis and I decided to take a mini road trip between the end of my office job and the start of my nanny job. We thought of several options of where to visit including: Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, San Juan Islands and Napa, CA (where my dad was working and living). I thought that we could fit all but the San Juan Islands into a 5 day road trip - but then figured that would be way too much to do and too stressful. We decided on Lake Tahoe and Napa. 

We drove to Klamath Falls on Tuesday evening, spent the night and then Wednesday morning woke up and drove to Lake Tahoe, through Reno. It was my first time in Reno! We stopped by a casino so that we could walk through. I believe it was my first time in a casino and it was really interesting to me. It seemed super dark in there. We watched some people play cards and others play slot machines. 

We were so excited to get to the lake and had just pulled into a parking lot ... when ... the drivers side window in the pickup would not roll up. Oh no! We decided to drive north to Truckee, CA to a NAPA auto parts store to see if they had the needed part in stock. They did - however, we were unable to replace the broken part ourselves. We headed back south to Lake Tahoe and arrived there in the dark. We did stop for a while so that Dennis could take pictures of the moon rising over the lake. We finally got to our hotel in south Lake Tahoe and enjoyed the nights rest.

Thursday, we drove on the west side of the lake and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We hiked a mile and toured Vikingholm Castle - a must see for anyone who visits Lake Tahoe. We also went swimming in the lake this day! Lake Tahoe is extremely blue and clear - when we opened our eyes under the water, it looked Caribbean blue! I wish we had pictures - it was that amazing! :)

Lake Tahoe is so blue and beautiful!

The only island on the lake

At a viewpoint 

Lake Tahoe is super clear

Vikingsholm Castle!

I wanted so badly to play this piano - but we weren't allowed to touch anything in the house. Inside Vikingsholm Castle had such an inviting feeling!

There is history behind almost everything in the castle. (The following is taken from a website about the Vikingsholm Castle): Many antiques were purchased for the home in the countries abroad. Mrs. Knight greatly admired some pieces seen in Norwegian and Swedish museums, which were not available for purchase. When she encountered such situations she hired craftsmen to make copies of the museum pieces. They were produced to exact detail, even to the aging of the wood and duplicating of scratches on the originals. The brightly painted bridal table, which stands in the living room, represents the quality of these outstanding reproductions. Fortunately many of Mrs. Knight’s original furnishings remain in the home today.

I really like the fireplace in this bedroom. So much character! 

A guest room in the castle

The dining room table

"Selma" the clock

The actual car Mrs. Knight's chauffeur drove

The view from the living room windows! I was ready to move into the castle! :)

Then Thursday afternoon, we drove from Lake Tahoe to Napa (all the the drivers side window down) in 98 degree weather! 

And we were so happy to see this very fine gentleman - and to eat at In-N-Out Burger! 

Seeing my dad is always a treat! 

I will put the rest of our trip in another post, as clearly this one is quite long enough! :) 

Stay tuned! 

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