Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spending time in Napa with dad

Spending time with my dad is always time well spent. My dad - he is so optimistic, happy, friendly and funny. He is caring, helpful and well, just super fun to be around. After he took us out for burgers and we arrived to his place on Thursday evening he helped Dennis replace the window motor. 

Dad had to work on Friday so he told us of some places worth seeing / eating at within walking distance from his condo.  

Dad suggested that we try ButterCream for breakfast - it was super tasty. Dennis and I both got pastries and I think that dad got a healthier breakfast (he was able to meet us for a late breakfast). 

This is some of the earthquake damage that we saw. Dad was living in Napa when they had the earthquake just a couple of months prior to us visiting him. 

We really enjoyed time together on Saturday. He took us to Tiburon, CA and to Angel Island. We had such a fun day with him. 

One vineyard in Napa - it was awesome seeing grapes on the vines

A palm tree in Tiburon, CA. I have an aunt that lives in Tiburon - and that is also where Robin Williams lived. My auntie knew Robin. 

From Tiburon, we boarded a ferry and rode to Angel Island. This is the Golden Gate Bridge from the ferry!

Dad - being a tourist - taking a picture with his tablet! :)

Another typical dad pose - on his telephone! 

Arriving on Angel Island. It once was a military base and it's possible to camp there now. It has quite the history and is a beautiful island.

Dennis and I went on a hike and the higher we went - the more we could see. The scenery from this island is amazing.

I'm pretty sure these houses were ones in Tiburon, CA

Me with San Francisco and Alcatraz Island in the background

San Francisco!

Alcatraz Island with San Fran in the background! 

My handsome hubby

And my amazing dad

After our tour of Angel Island, we came back into Tiburon and ate lunch there. 

This is a vineyard house that we saw on our way back to dads condo.

Unfortunately - our trip to visit dad was way too short. We ended up leaving soon after we got to dad's condo and headed north. We wanted to be in meeting with one of our friends on Sunday morning in Medford, OR. It was hard leaving dad, though, our time with him was so special. It makes me super thankful that I have such a loving family. Thanks again, dad for your wonderful hospitality and your generosity too. Hopefully we'll visit you at another one of your job locations! 

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