Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The week Saisha came home with us

Dennis and I visited Boise one weekend and had a great time. Saisha told me that she wanted to come home with us. Her parents and we discussed it and we decided that she could come spend the week with Uncle Dennis and Auntie Jen. We had a great time with Saisha at our home and we both thoroughly enjoyed spoiling her! 

Lunch with the nieces and nephew before heading home

Stretching our legs during the journey

Saisha taking a nap on the way home!

Playing at a park

Grocery shopping with a pink car cart and teddy

Saisha helping Auntie Jen water flowers 

Playing with our toys


We were able to have lunch with Uncle Dennis one day - he is playing princesses with Saisha

Walking to the park


Saisha and Auntie Jen hanging out

Swinging with teddy

Teddy is always close by

We got coffee and lunch at Auntie Jen's favorite coffee shop

Heading back to see mommy! 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jen's trip to Minnesota August 2016

After my nanny job ended, I decided to visit Don, Jenny and family in Minnesota! I was there for 10 days and had a wonderful time with them. 

Oscar was still awake when I arrived at their house around midnight! 

He finally agreed to go to sleep - if he could sleep with me and my stuffed elephant

Sweet Ava and I

Adorable Jaina and I

Jaina reading her bible on the way to meeting


Oscar riding his bike 

Jaina playing outside 


The kids and I 

Jenny and her kids 

Sweet Jaina

Eating cookies 

Early morning snuggles 

Exploring around downtown Duluth 

Oscar with his blue . candy


Choppy water

A huge boat went through and we were able to watch the draw bridge raise up

A fun hike that we took 

Ava on the hike!

Janina taking a break

Oscar being a rockstar on our hike 

Oscar and I 

Oscar at a park 

The girls and I 

Heading to Minneapolis!


Inside the Mall of America

Shopping is tiring!

We're ready to go swimming!


Jaina too?

Don & Jennys house!